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A working programme on Eradication of Podoconiosis in Ethiopia was initiated by  Robyn Björk, who carried out an initial field visit in July 2011, in conjunction with the “Mossy Foot Project”.

WAWLC has been invited to provide a speaker for the annual Medical Meeting in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, in February, 2012. Dr. Tom Serena will present one or two wound care talks on behalf of WAWLC at the meeting.

It is hoped that a follow-up visit will result in a wound centre being opened at the Black Lion Hospital. Training of the physicians and staff will be done by WAWLC with all costs expected to be paid by the Black Lion Hospital/ Ethiopian Ministry of Health.
The WAWLC activities on Podoconiosis were during the EWMA 2011 Brussels conference supported by a fundraising campaign.