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The mission of WAWLC is to work in partnership with communities worldwide to advance sustainable prevention and care of wounds and lymphedema in settings with limited resources.


WAWLC objectives:

  • To raise awareness of the importance of chronic wounds and lymphedema, and their economic and social impacts.
  • To develop global policy on modern wound and lymphedema management.
  • To support countries to develop the capacity necessary to utilize current knowledge on wound and lymphedema in the care of patients.
  • To contribute to strengthening the health systems in affected countries in order to achieve objective.
  • To support research aimed at improving the management of wound and lymphedema.


WAWLC Ethical Code of Conduct

All WAWLC activities involving industry partners are carried-out in accordance with the WAWLC Ethical Code of Conduct.
Any participant in a WAWLC activity supported by industry must sign the Ethical Code of Conduct before engaging actively in the activity.
The WAWLC Ethical Code of Conduct is available for download here.