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World Alliance for Wound & Lymphedema Care

World Alliance for Wound & Lymphedema Care (WAWLC) strives to work in partnership with communities worldwide to advance sustainable prevention and care of wounds & lymphedema in settings with limited resources.

WHO Publication

In 2007 a group of wound care providers from around the world, comprising members of WAWLC, was asked to write a White Paper for the World Health Organization (WHO). In 2010 WHO published the White Paper titled "Wound and Lymphoedema Management", edited by John M Macdonald and Mary Jo Geyer.
The document is designed to assist health-care providers who manage chronic wounds and lymphedema in resource-poor countries around the world. It describes methods that can be adapted to various levels of the health-care system depending on the country and available resources. Download the document here.

Support WAWLC

The following organisations is supporting WAWLC with an annual non-restricted grant: