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World Alliance for Wound & Lymphedema Care

World Alliance for Wound & Lymphedema Care (WAWLC) strives to work in partnership with communities worldwide to advance sustainable prevention and care of wounds & lymphedema in settings with limited resources.

Wound and Lymphoedema Management 2nd Edition: Focus on Resource-limited Settings

WAWLC has in November 2020 published the second edition of the Wound and Lymphoedema Management first published by the WHO in 2020.
The second edition is re-edited with additional chapters and has a strong focus on the specific conditions and needs characterising resource-limited settings.
The book is edited by David H. Keast, President of WAWLC, and available for universal free download.


How to download the electronic book version for free

  • In order to get to the download page, we kindly ask you to fill out this form.
  • Once you have submitted the form, you will be redirected to the download page of the PDF version.


Hardcopies are available from the WAWLC secretariat at the cost of handling and shipping

  • Handling fee: EUR / USD 15 per order
  • Shipping cost will be calculated depending on the number of copies ordered and the destination.

Please contact the WAWLC secretariat at info@wawlc.org informing about a) the number of hardcopies your would like to order and b) the shipment address and we will let you know what the total price will be. The cost of shipment must be paid in advance by international credit card, bank transfer or PayPal.


The electronic version of the first edition (2010) of Wound and Lymphoedema Management is still available for download here.

EWMA Ukraine War Wounds initiative

Visit ewma.org to see guidelines and recommendations for people treating wounds as an effect of the current war in Ukraine.

The resources are available in English, Ukrainian and Russian.

The documents have been elaborated with assistance by the WAWLC General Secretary Dr. Hubert Vuagnat.


Support WAWLC

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